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Board of Trustees 2019

"Ranganathan Varadarajan has been in the area for more than 20 years and part of several volunteer groups"

"Shanthy Vinjimoor is a long time member of Kansas city Tamil Sangam. She has served in the committee and was the president in 2017. Currently she is a member of the board of trustees. Her goal is to create a close knit Tamil community in the KC area."

"Sampath Ramanujan is a long time resident of Kansas City greater metro. He moved here in 1995 and has been a member participating in Tamil Sangam activities in different roles"

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"Savitha Nagaraj has been in Kansas for the past 14 years, she is an active Tamil Sangam member and enjoys teaching Tamil. She has served in the executive committee of Tamil Sangam for 2 years. She also loves to cook and spend time with her family"

Neelakandan Seshan

Rajendran Somasundaram

Indra Arunkumar