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Executive Committee 2019

"I am Rajesh Jesuraj. I have been part of KC Tamil community for over 12 years now.By representing this prestigious Tamil Organization would like to inspire the next generation with our rich tamil culture. Looking forward to serve you all!"

தமிழால் இணைந்தோம்! 

 தமிழை உயர்த்துவோம்! 

"I am Kalai Padmanaban. I am happy to be part of KC Tamil Sangam. Looking forward for another great year with Tamil Makkal!"

"I am Rajkumar,. I have been part of KC tamil community for 10 years now and would like to contribute to the growth and benefit of the people."

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"I am Karthika Balasubramanian. KCTS makes you feel like home.. It ensures that our culture doesn’t fade away even we are out of Country.. it inspired me and I am happy to be a part of the committee in pursuing the same"

"I am Subhashini Raja, Mother of two daughters (Pavithra and Ananya).  I've been part of KC Tamil community for 7 years.  I am honored and excited to take our cultural celebration through events to our next generation kiddos in various forms."

"I am Vijaykumar Ponnusamy .
I have been part of KCTS since 2012 actively participated in most of the events. I am super excited to be part of 2019 committee! As a food coordinator, would like to serve the Tamil community with Authentic Indian food and overwhelm your taste buds!"

"I am Velu Sellamuthu. I would like to contribute to improve our communication to encourage more community involvement and bring more people to KCTS."