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President's Message

2024 KCTS President
Mr. Senthil Balasubramanian

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அகர முதல எழுத்தெல்லாம் ஆதி
பகவன் முதற்றே உலகு!

அன்பார்ந்த தமிழ் மக்களே,
உங்கள் அனைவருக்கும் கேன்சாஸ் நகர தமிழ் சங்கம்  சார்பாக 
“2024 இனிய புத்தாண்டு நல்வாழ்த்துகள்!” 
“இனிய பொங்கல் நல்வாழ்த்துகள்!”

On behalf of Kansas City Tamil Sangam, it is with great joy that we wish you all
“Happy New Year 2024 and Happy Pongal” 
We are very excited to represent this elite Kansas City Tamil Sangam and look forward to growing, innovating, motivating and expanding our amazing Tamil community. 

I’m grateful for the chance to join the KC Tamil Sangam 2024 Committee. It is my honor to introduce the KCTS 2024 Committee
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KCTS 2024 நோக்கம் மற்றும் குறிக்கோள்

  • பொங்கல் திருவிழா

  • நளபாகம்

  • இளைஞர் தன்னார்வலர் திட்டம்

  • FETNA-சான் அன்டோனியோ, TX

  • கோடைகால சுற்றுலா நிதி திரட்டும் நிகழ்வ

  • தமிழ் சமூக சிறு வணிகம் ஊக்குவித்தல்

  • குழு விளையாட்டுப் போட்டி செயற்பாடுகள்

  • ஆண்டு இறுதி கலாச்சார நிகழ்ச்சி

KCTS 2024 Aims & Objectives


Promoting the richness of Tamil Language, art, and culture is crucial. Supporting charitable causes and raising awareness among the younger generation about the vibrant Tamil heritage and traditions will contribute to a meaningful celebration of Tamil festivals. Building a robust KC Tamil Sangam will strengthen our community’s bond.

Events to Look Forward to in 2024

Pongal Thiruvizha – Free Event for Members on Feb 04, 2024

  1. Showcase your kid's talent in Pongal programs and competitions

  2. Adults Competitions

  3. Youth Volunteering and organizing events

  4. Bringing Celebrity to perform on stage

Nalabaagam – Mid-March to April

  1. Guys Chef Cooking

  2. Dress-Up Theme for Everyone

  3. Photo Shoot Sessions

  4. Couples Programs

  5. Family Feasts

FETNA – San Antonio, TX – July 4,5 & 6

  1. Access to attend FETNA Organized Events

  2. Participate and perform on stage for the time given for KC Tamil sangam.

  3. Participate in cultural and competitions

  4. Exhibition and celebration of the best in literature, arts, music, and culture of the Tamil People

  5. Many more events with celebrities

  6. Awareness programs

Kodai Kondattam – Summer Picnic – August
  1. Volunteer Cook-Off:

          - Various stalls with Volunteers showcasing their culinary skills

          - Donate the collected money to Charity
  2. Outdoor Entertainment for Kids

          - Games, Face painting, and fun activities

  3. Join us for a day of fun, food, and Giving back!

Cultural Celebration - Year-end Event

  1.  Talent Showcase:
    - Kids and Adults Displaying Various Talents
    - Singing, Dancing, Instrumental Performances

  2. Fashion Show

  3. Delicious Dinner Feast

Youth Volunteer Program

  1. Organizing Cultural events and competitions.

  2. Engage and empower youth through meaningful Volunteer opportunities

  3. Workshop for Entrepreneurship, Leadership

  4. College Exploration Workshops

  5. Together, Let’s Enrich Our Tamil Community

Sports & Fitness Events – Members only

  1. Volleyball

  2. Through Ball

  3. Badminton

  4. Table Tennis

  5. Chess

 Fundraising Events

  1. 1M and 5K Walk/Run

 Newsletter/Digital Column
Giving Back to the Community

  • Volunteer Signup

  • Volunteering Opportunities in multiple areas to serve the community.

  • Volunteers will be recognized with Awards meeting certain criteria

We would like to thank the BOT for the help to form the 2024 KCTS executive committee and create an opportunity to serve the Tamil Community.

It is a great honor to introduce our 2024 BOT (Board of Trustees)

We would like to extend our sincere appreciation and Thanks to the 2023 Executive Committee for their tremendous work and support to KCTS! Thank You 2023 EC Team!
We also want to take this opportunity to thank every member, volunteers and sponsors for their continued support and encouragement. Thank You All!  

On behalf of the KCTS 2024 committee, we are looking forward to serving the Tamil Community and making 2024 yet another successful year.

 எல்லா புகழும் இறைவனுக்கே!
வாழ்க தமிழ்! வளர்க அதன் புகழ்!

Thank you and Best Regards!

Senthil Balasubramanian 

2024 KCTS President

தமிழால் இணைத்தோம் ! தமிழை உயர்த்துவோம் !

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